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Maslow and Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim fights Gideon for love (Ramona Flowers), then for self-respect.

How does he reach the next level on Maslow’s pyramid and attain self-actualization?

After conquering Gideon, Scott must fight Nega Scott. This is the battle to confront and overcome his shadow.

Ultimately, Scott is successful in befriending his dark self. Having done so, he achieves Jungian individuation, integrating the two sides of his being.

Able to move forward with the woman of his dreams, Scott becomes a self-actualized pilgrim!


Defending art’s uselessness

One ought not to “use art”, even assuming one could. To use art would be to attempt control of its effected affect via aestheticization. The effect of art is not to be gamed or predetermined; art’s value is to be judged solely by the heart of its beholder.