Monthly Archives: September 2022


Don’t be excessively image-focused. What a virtue is phrase vomit? If every job is a lesson, what is a career?

Something might mean something…except if romance is not stable. Or, if the parameters of democracy have shifted. Only the soul can be radically happy!

I found myself driving in a white Tesla sandwich. This did not make me the king of neutral colors. I miss my old friend, the jock of special ed–he would systemize in a certain way!

If the moon is my strength, it may not matter if there is excitement in my tendons. Rom-com City is a place others have suggested they live in. Netting a Kingdra was a corollary benefit to a prior hunt….

Am I entitled to the world; do you share a secret pact with women? Watch not if I return to my old madness! My device ethic needed work.

“Walking, talking parent-pleaser” was not my ambition. God contains all of our feelings. I meant not to waste her movement, nor would you cut her off like a cancer! Take care not to over-feminize the virtual: restore the concepts if you buy into the melting pot.

Nor am I addicted to reinforcement (except for likes on WordPress posts!). Were I oversold on individualism, I could be…

~fumbled the ball that was her heart~

I re-met he who is most certainly not a waste of teacher! Time has a mind of its own…once, I was put off by my own weirdness….

A reminder: people are not broken clocks! Random alpha stuff supersedes a deliberate beta. “Sucker for my interests”–what, then, of a creator’s ego (where does it go)?

I declined a polite invitation to the People Problems Club. There is a logic to living here…for success, is it to be as androgynous as can be? I would reinforce the break after you latte it away~

Actually, don’t wash out the feminine. Exploit a narrative in your rush of survival! Witness a break from awareness: watch as you turn flightier than a flight of stairs. Cultivate a sustainable emotionality, becoming a man with no disorder! Waste a lifetime commitment to the internet….

Adventure had left my body. Here, I fidget with the internet…a real win for commitment? This is, at best, a rom-com perspective. Don’t criticize his ethic: he was oppressed by (a) god who told him to summon strength from the gut. This eventually led him on a quest to collect the virtues.

Sick ego, bro…I didn’t mean to throw you under the bus. You can’t language yourself out of it! I’ll take charge of my psychology before being attracted to her fantasy. I don’t need to be “Shiny-told”….

Something is between nothing and some-things….

Let there be no glitches in God’s plan. Our lives can be stubbornly virtual! Dig your clinical claws in, and debug my mind. Avoid making an a**holic turn, throwing your emotional weight around with virtual tenacity.

Drain your instincts, or be psychologically fortunate. Either way, you march toward culture! Why be suspicious of my mood? Just as I was overflowing with being, I woke up in a fever dream. I’d become paranoid about depression, playing with diagnostic labels.

Narrate my experience with these avatars of madness! I aim to break up Panda Express’ olfactory monopoly on the proximal outdoors.

Sexual objectification is othering. Divine sweet spot…. Brave dua!

Welcome to my Mimikyu corner. Protect the individual at all costs?! Don’t let your worries take the wheel; launch yourself into subjectivity. Try not to develop a relating-with-others problem~

Free yourself from the stimulus (that is, respond). Forsake the Abrahamic scuffle as you look back toward broken commitment shards.

Hasten my heat death, I hoped against. No one should live in a perpetual state of sorry…. Descend into the world of avatars, grasping for the techne just as I escaped that context. You protect the numbers?

Pluck her from Pioneer Blvd. Not a try-harder–but rather, a “succeeder”: affirm Abraham Lincoln’s hierarchy of nah. It is better to eat pancakes than to have waffled on love!