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Third Noble Truth and Christ

Two insights, each respectively from Buddhism and Christianity, may combine to reveal something important.

The Third Noble Truth of Buddhism states that we can escape the suffering inherent in life (which is acknowledged by the First Truth).

For Christians, though humans are mortal, Jesus Christ’s example can be followed to lead a more virtuous life.

We can transcend life’s suffering by following the examples set by ideal beings: even though they are supernormal!


Some reflections on religion

I was raised Hindu. While I naturally still identify as one, certain concepts from other religious philosophies resonate with me, including Buddhism’s Middle Way (not as much its Four Noble Truths, which to me seem irresponsibly dreary as a set).

The Book of Job has stayed with me since reading in high school. Takeaway from it is to never turn away from God, no matter what He subjects us to. His being perfect, we either deserve what he inflicts upon us or simply need our faith challenged.

Hinduism’s cosmogony is my favorite part of it. As a kid, I would’ve said it was more the stories of Gods and Goddesses that captivated my imagination. The ultimate triumph of good over evil is my favorite theme from Hindu mythology.

I’ve felt the Holy Spirit or Ghost two-three times in recent memory. The last time was after a Bible Study outside of a Mormon church in Georgia. Before then, I felt it most acutely in a Thai mosque. Also, felt it in one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.