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The Wild Area: A place of freedom and encounter?

As I type this, I sit atop a nearby Starbucks patio. Overlooking the streets and ocean, I am reminded of the freedom we had (in California) pre-pandemic. Things feel freer than they have in a very long time!

There are a handful of folks around me. Though we all sit in our respective islands, there seems to be a frank happiness. Our masks are off and we all enjoy sitting under the same sun.

This is by no means a Wild Area of the kind seen in the latest main series games, Pokémon Sword and Shield. And it certainly isn’t a frozen tundra the likes of which made up the landscape of their second DLC, Crown Tundra. There certainly is no snow falling for me on this calm, bright, and sunny day.

But I feel here a sense of wonder and openness as the Crown Tundra’s outdoor theme plays in my mind…the world feels magical, yet settled. There is a freedom here that a simple, consumerist cup of cappuccino has enabled! A vaguely familiar face to my left completes the picture of a gradual return to normalcy–albeit, a mindful one.


Scraggy Beach

The sand beneath my feet is hard. I touch the rockbed of Terranea Beach. It wasn’t always sandy, here. They made it so around 2009: when the Resort was established. They presently celebrate Terranea Resort’s tenth anniversary. 

I now scratch my foot upon the scraggy rock surface. Tourists hover and go about their business around me. The leftward rock perch is popular, today! A small, East Asian girl builds a rock tower to my left; an elderly white couple sits behind me. One of them has Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s novel, The President is Missing. I am not curious enough to ask how it is. I have my own novel, Golden Son, beside my right elbow. I enjoy it so far.

A jet-black chopper passed by above, moments ago. I wonder who sat in it.