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I'm a psychology Ph.D. who dreams big! More about me can be gleaned from my other social media profiles.


Don’t be excessively image-focused. What a virtue is phrase vomit? If every job is a lesson, what is a career?

Something might mean something…except if romance is not stable. Or, if the parameters of democracy have shifted. Only the soul can be radically happy!

I found myself driving in a white Tesla sandwich. This did not make me the king of neutral colors. I miss my old friend, the jock of special ed–he would systemize in a certain way!

If the moon is my strength, it may not matter if there is excitement in my tendons. Rom-com City is a place others have suggested they live in. Netting a Kingdra was a corollary benefit to a prior hunt….

Am I entitled to the world; do you share a secret pact with women? Watch not if I return to my old madness! My device ethic needed work.

“Walking, talking parent-pleaser” was not my ambition. God contains all of our feelings. I meant not to waste her movement, nor would you cut her off like a cancer! Take care not to over-feminize the virtual: restore the concepts if you buy into the melting pot.

Nor am I addicted to reinforcement (except for likes on WordPress posts!). Were I oversold on individualism, I could be…

~fumbled the ball that was her heart~

I re-met he who is most certainly not a waste of teacher! Time has a mind of its own…once, I was put off by my own weirdness….

A reminder: people are not broken clocks! Random alpha stuff supersedes a deliberate beta. “Sucker for my interests”–what, then, of a creator’s ego (where does it go)?

I declined a polite invitation to the People Problems Club. There is a logic to living here…for success, is it to be as androgynous as can be? I would reinforce the break after you latte it away~

Actually, don’t wash out the feminine. Exploit a narrative in your rush of survival! Witness a break from awareness: watch as you turn flightier than a flight of stairs. Cultivate a sustainable emotionality, becoming a man with no disorder! Waste a lifetime commitment to the internet….

Adventure had left my body. Here, I fidget with the internet…a real win for commitment? This is, at best, a rom-com perspective. Don’t criticize his ethic: he was oppressed by (a) god who told him to summon strength from the gut. This eventually led him on a quest to collect the virtues.

Sick ego, bro…I didn’t mean to throw you under the bus. You can’t language yourself out of it! I’ll take charge of my psychology before being attracted to her fantasy. I don’t need to be “Shiny-told”….

Something is between nothing and some-things….

Let there be no glitches in God’s plan. Our lives can be stubbornly virtual! Dig your clinical claws in, and debug my mind. Avoid making an a**holic turn, throwing your emotional weight around with virtual tenacity.

Drain your instincts, or be psychologically fortunate. Either way, you march toward culture! Why be suspicious of my mood? Just as I was overflowing with being, I woke up in a fever dream. I’d become paranoid about depression, playing with diagnostic labels.

Narrate my experience with these avatars of madness! I aim to break up Panda Express’ olfactory monopoly on the proximal outdoors.

Sexual objectification is othering. Divine sweet spot…. Brave dua!

Welcome to my Mimikyu corner. Protect the individual at all costs?! Don’t let your worries take the wheel; launch yourself into subjectivity. Try not to develop a relating-with-others problem~

Free yourself from the stimulus (that is, respond). Forsake the Abrahamic scuffle as you look back toward broken commitment shards.

Hasten my heat death, I hoped against. No one should live in a perpetual state of sorry…. Descend into the world of avatars, grasping for the techne just as I escaped that context. You protect the numbers?

Pluck her from Pioneer Blvd. Not a try-harder–but rather, a “succeeder”: affirm Abraham Lincoln’s hierarchy of nah. It is better to eat pancakes than to have waffled on love!


Applied behavior analysis (ABA) and relationships

Over a year ago, my mom urged me against having a tit-for-tat mentality in relationships. Since then, I have wondered: does this mean pure cooperation–no defection at all (ideal)–or only defecting after two offenses? Everyone deserves a second chance…but, what about a third?

As someone new to the field of ABA, I got to wondering this past week about its discouragement of punishment. Punishment in the field can be justified perhaps only as follows: a client fails to produce correct behavior more than twice in a row. (This occurs after a reinforcement protocol of correct behavior.) After two offenses, what is a competent behavior interventionist to do without giving up? One answer would be to switch to a better reinforcement procedure, such as differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI). It is better to teach over an inappropriate behavior with a replacement behavior than to take away something valued.

Tit-for-tat might be the optimal strategy to employ in a prisoner’s dilemma setting. But, its success as a relational tactic is likely only limited to such contexts. Certainly, escalating or snowballing with someone into mutually frustrated (or, God forbid–vengeful) behavior won’t be a good time! But in settings like romantic relationships or ABA, tit-for-tat should be transcended in favor of always seeking to establish cooperation (or, worst-case, healthily-spirited competition or friendly rivalry).

Love keeps no record of wrongs. Let them go with forgiveness and grace, and work to do better in one’s relationships next time!

Grief (and beyond): Netflix’s *Never Have I Ever* 《spoilers》

A central theme running through this series is grief. Devi Vishwakumar and her mother must face the recent death of the former’s dad and latter’s husband. I just finished watching Season 3, which seems to give the most solid treatment of Devi’s grief.

The first explicit case of grief in this season happens as Devi moves on after Paxton breaks up with her. Narrator John McEnroe lists three of five stages of grief per Kübler-Ross’ model: anger (“raging”), depression (“wallowing”)–and finally, acceptance.

Devi notes to therapist Jamie Ryan (played by Niecy Nash) that her life is going well, and she feels guilty for such given her late father Mohan’s passing. In Episode 9 of this season, Devi plays her first harp concert since Mohan’s heart attack at her performance just a couple of years prior. After retreating anxiously to the bathroom just before playing in this season’s concert, Devi is able to confide in her boyfriend Des’ mother Rhyah that she had a visual hallucination of Mohan sitting in the audience.

Rhyah validates Devi’s feelings, supporting her enough for Devi to successfully play through her performance. While Rhyah is later shown to not be fully understanding, this portion of Season 3 shows Devi being able to lean on those close to her as she copes with her feelings of grief.

Finally, following Paxton’s graduation speech at the end of the season, Devi acknowledges that he got her through her dad’s death. This is a touching moment worthy of a goodbye, as Paxton will be leaving Sherman Oaks (and Devi) to attend Arizona State University. What starts off as an enduring obsession with Paxton for Devi ends up being a “dream” that allows her to move forward and let others into her life. Overall, Devi handles her grief maturely by letting people get close to her throughout the series.

As someone who has studied and/or worked in the field of psychology for 13 years, I look forward to seeing what Devi’s previously defining grief transforms into in Season 4. After learning acceptance through her relationship with Paxton, what will come next for this teenage Indian-American character?

hesitant to make the cut

ignore not any undeniable sign from God

Brought the party to AugCog…

the peace in his heart

mushroom boon

a life of culture

closed your heart to love forever

riding on my own demise

relentlessly pursue feelings

ambivalence is the name of the game

reinforce any hierarchies

Projection: thy name is S.G.!

Writing is a doing

where your heart lifts you

I could smell a dual relationship coming from a mile away.

where I learned what real intimacy was

hopelessly engaged

float spacelessly

authentically in pain

caught her self-doubt

Dark Magic Attack on her heart…

resigned to research

glut for abuse

after a long period of intellectualizing

media spirit animal

drawn to the jackal

limits of my being

armor of prevention

Martin Luther King energy

dancing around my heart

Spoopy sounds from yesteryears

individualistic devil

enlighten men

If a tool (or tech) doesn’t make a job easier–don’t use it!

Lib u from angur…

cultural dummy

pleasure nap

The magic in man

attracted to absurdism

the wrong pensieve

baked into subjectivity

violated my own heart

defend against a heart attack


fashion took over my life

pass on the jealousy

reduce to a belief statement

covid sanctuary

squelch that aesthetic

constrained by culture

powerful theory-builder

Chase a media dream

profession stigma

trivialize the existential

existential on a bad level

reality becomes transparent

comfortable and fertile

sick obsession with yourself

As sure as my feet are cold!

negate the collective

feminist cue

Biden of the world

Too much time functioning

Drive me, Crazy!

Pass me that romantic baton. Conduct a feeling experiment–but not while playing mindless Pokémon GO…. Here is where the literal and figurative merge!

The dinner front conveniently hosted a magazine collective? “I’m free!” Cried the Indian man in English. To suffer and smolder befits a model who twinkles like science! By the way: no one wants to be reduced to an NPC…even if I was primed for fossils, I do not have an ambition to be an autist liberator.

…Nor would I have “outsourced my mom”!? What crazy cognition! I’m a reflexivity bro; you’re a moody pixie dream-girl…. I have witnessed at least one anti-ABA tirade. Regardless, I refused the other day to be screwed by Grotle! Perhaps we could use an ultimate BI success story.

I owe it (this) to reflection, firstly! Meanwhile, I am very linguistically baffled…as well as something of a research vigilante? You and I might be bound by the algorithm: where your enlightenment laid!

Traverse not into the desert of my love life! You may–like me and others– become unduly affected by media…. You cannot oppress me with money! Please, do not resent me for my tendinitis!

Any language can be an abstract unifier! Does any business need a Google Analytics monk?

He who speaks the language of the oppressor!

I’m no eminent smart-boy…warming up to an old friend. Is it that there is meaning in every occurrence? There’s something romantic about a wandering heart–

I need not a sedative for my feelings. I shy from the face of the rejector. By this, do I hope to live a life of approval?! I control the flow of my cognition. Still: what does it mean to be a wanting being?

The truth is very resilient! It is not bent on stealing your thoughtfulness. Nor does it insist to quiet the world down….

“Name one thing Trump said that was racist,” I challenged.

The other man banged his mug of beer on the bartop. “Wait–” he sputtered. “Why are we talking about someone who’s not even around anymore?!”

Now, we may live increasingly beneath the blanket of healthcare. Speaking of “blankets”: I must not go too ham on the religion front! It seems easy to default to Christianity; record of my heart, please cease to carry the weight of a story. For I have ceased feeling magical–don’t burrito shame me!

Everyone isn’t “just anyone”. Just anyone is irreducibly aesthetic! Rather than being humbled at every turn, I acknowledge having set my heart back….

Since I promised (and didn’t follow up), I wasn’t honest.

“I wish I’d seen you for what you are earlier,” she mumbled.

 He jerked back in surprise. “Hands off, darlin’!”

“Life ain’t a sweety bowl of cherries, Charlotte.”


“We have little sympathy for single-cell organisms.”

 “You could call them by their name…” I said.

 “What?” Dad asked.



 “We kill prokaryotes,” Dad stated. “Viruses– “

 “Well,” I interjected. “We try to. We’re pretty good at it.”

 “We step in grass…”

It’s all because we’re filthy, bloody humanists–proud ones. We’re ashamed we aren’t more; that’s it. No less.


 “You want to understand how life works? Keep on livin‘!”

 What the duck am I doing?! I thought. I can tell the difference between wrong and right.

Effectual me! Secure af, bruh…secure A.F.

I like to imagine my life as an unfolding music vidya. Ya know–muses and “ick”: they go together…


See through your ego: abandon your scholarship. Avoid continuation of the anger characterizing a herd emotionality. Do not insist on sense; affirm her rejection! Mindy was our martyr….

Let go of those nerves! Get bored of the right things. Let your chill go, and miss the rebound of all rebounds…while falling into empathy? Pure souls have clear perception! How do fragmented selves unite?!

Some of us have been exposed to waifus. This can paradoxically make one closed off to the (real) feminine! I won’t burn our heart…not even the face of craziness could make me. My spiritual connection with the English language might be fading. Interacting with the subject matter could be well-advised! Outgrowing the Occidental culture should not lead to a sour imagination. Anyway–drinking alcohol is a social convention. It’s too bad I couldn’t get my friendship boner to stay up….

Create in your home an aria of chill. Even then, declare: “This is Level 80 Town!”

Intuition is precious. Anger up the wazoo is to be expelled at one’s earliest convenience. Acknowledge when someone was the wrong person; wrong person….

Have I lost my mind in my wardrobe? Being honest to the breakup could involve getting over someone via manga….

Don’t call me the Joey Wheeler of relationships! What is the “faith of balance”? With all of this generosity flying around in random directions: I wonder what will happen? “No interest. No Sood.” He didn’t want to live in a movie with you!? Keep in mind the pop culture substrate!

Burn out on variety, and let yesterday’s fools become tomorrow’s sages.

The purity of the visit was appreciated. Soulmate studies could take up story lines like: I wanted to disappear into romance with you.

Do I have a disgraceful beard?

Dreams die in men’s hearts. Ah–the AugCog kind of life…. Enter a caring space: stay within human!

Eschew any powerful detachment from reality~


The Universe moves through you. Don’t take it out on your career…. Armed with western psychology, you might cease to live in an interesting way!

There’s nothing exciting about “neutral”. Be a gummy lord, but ask: Where was the ground beneath us? Try love in a liberal democracy: date a 25-year-old delight 😯 Be a calm taco–forge a good relation with woman.

Feel the winter chill on your bones? That’s the result of my past, hedonistic ways! At least, I don’t take my own madness seriously…

No one wants to be overrun by other religions. Latent willpower can save you; I took the story into my own hands. No emo-ness to report, there!

What if you conform to her judgments of the situation of us? God–I really sucked from the tit of existentialism: huh? Not to prove I’m not a pig, or anything…

While purely at ease, you won’t be too sensitive from the breakup. You might become a meme-y guy, in which case you could join a party with Christians. I should have stayed a nerd! He is entitled to feel emo (as we all might be).

A Ph.D. in Chanda Studies may well exist by the time I’m through. No playing the suppression game: any Freudian one is a testy concept. Through my innovative powers, I now discard that cognition! “Bonding over individualism” might seem possible to someone who is thrown off by fiction…I won’t be an Orichalcos daddy.

I would never try to criticize her darkness. Am I obsessed with being active? Why: activity is integral to my being!

I awakened her vulnerability. “Freaking simps of culture!” She yelled. I control the flow of my cognition…yet, I passed them the sex bug.

Can you see me having fun with the oppressor’s language? Leave your grieving heart behind! Shoot over statistics while others are going blind, psychologically. Let them be riddled with subjectivity; be careful not to disappear into your grief.

Artfix 4 (~11/12-12/16/2021)

A soulmate is someone you love at their core, forever!

I am Suraj Sood: (F)BI. Chill, fascist!–while mining my mind. Connect with an autistic kid, as long as you haven’t threatened to go to the temple.

Life’s been priming me for marriage. While you’d rescue the good ideas, I settled for limbo. A certain tolerance for insanity…. Will it to sleep, Rebel yahoo boy! You’re gaga over agape, when really it’s all about eros!…

Some display uniqueness gone too far. Some activities are safe, but still wrong; this does not seem to include any altruism peak.

Why, is white privilege a narrative–is Manifest Destiny guy? Drop a nasty lyric while restoring balance to my life. It’ll stick out in your mind like a sore thumb: like my brain with a heart!

At work, I had chosen to party with autists. Don’t diss automation…stay in the good. Risk a close shave in the Chamber of Secrets, but don’t place too much faith in freedom. Even if I crave fun…. Clearly, the techne isn’t everything…100’s all around!

Avoid the bye, forever sort of thing. Read about an existentialist at a bar (not Camus). You, I’ve been trying to wife for all my life. Simps for America say, “Trust me–no one is perfect on the ego front”. Some of my feelings are embarrassing. The worst kind of nerd: a philosopher.

What if I carried the insanity further?

I have the mind for a story! Get ahead of your cognition–I like that. Mercilessly pursuing my utility would be severely overcompensating. Surely, Babu the Trump cat would object to this and railing against the people you love!?…

I unthinkingly denied her psychic access, yet was not let down by another religion.