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Adler and Maslow

Much of Alfred Adler’s writings focus on the human’s inferiority complex.

Maslow’s analogous concept was deficiency needs (“D-needs”).

How akin is Adler’s concept of striving for superiority to Maslow’s self-actualization?

Jung and Maslow

Carl Jung is represented as having believed that we should render the unconscious conscious. This should be done to free ourselves of the former’s power in defining our beliefs and habits.

One of Abraham Maslow’s 13 self-actualizing characteristics is the superior perception of reality. Do we not achieve the latter by learning about and knowing the contents of our unconscious?

Do Jung’s archetypes exist?

Neuropsychoanalysis can answer this question. The biological functioning and substrate of humans typically operates below consciousness. Genetics and neurology are biological. Jung’s archetypes are transmitted genetically between successive generations. Archetypes of the collective unconscious are genetic and have such an ontological basis.