Hate in The Flash

In DC’s recent TV show The Flash, protagonist (and hero in disguise) Barry Allen struggles with feelings of hatred toward his main enemy. Eobard Thawne–A.K.A., the Reverse Flash–murders Barry’s mother, Nora, while Allen is just a kid. His father is wrongly accused for the crime, and is sent to prison for nearly the rest of his life.

Barry’s future daughter, also named Nora, wonders if her dad hates Thawne. However understandable The Flash’s feelings are toward his nemesis, though, he never acts on his hatred. This is in part what makes Barry (played by Grant Gustin) a hero: learning to regulate himself, despite his negative emotions.

Unbridled, enacted neuroticism could be anyone’s downfall; or even their kryptonite?! As my favorite book character, Bobby Pendragon once said: “It’s okay to think like a weenie, as long as you don’t act like one”…

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