No Space High

Who needs an approval boat when we can ride this soul high-train onto tomorrow! Patient urgency is the key for any low-key Buddhist*. Incidentally, we can be tit-for-tat in relationships–but should we? Do we need to be…?

Consumerism begets consumerism. Therefore, don’t buy anything and save! Take a bite outta that regret pie…or, not?

Some situations are extroverted. Let’s drop any logical pretense about it! And while we’re at it, metaphorical self-death does not befit a life-affirming introvert. Let go of your death grip on the steering wheel and see how your (hand) health benefits…

Being an existential boyfriend is less–but seems like more–than anyone ever bargained for. Any guy who’s succumbed to it knows: “There is a feeling to madness.” There is a feeling of being pushed to the limit of my soul…

Do you know it?

Being pulled toward the memes is not what results in automating love into my being. Science is what could do that, apparently.

*Don’t ask me what high-key Buddhists do with their Wednesday afternoons…


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