To Last from First: An Epic Loventure

This is the story of a man’s love voyage. It begins with a deep friendship between two fellow emo nerds in high school. It ends with the gift of my soul’s dream to another.

Once, a high school student lent his history notes to a classmate in English. The English teacher–who assigned readings of Jane Eyre and 1984–did not seem to notice. Though the main character did not know it, this classmate would become his first love.

Our protagonist’s second love followed from the first. This love was pretty with blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and pale skin. The two enjoyed a nice summer together with their two best friends before saying goodbye, as each departed for their respective beach college.

The hero’s third love began over the internet, extending across the Atlantic Ocean from America to a Transylvanian castle. Disenchanted with his college’s shallow dating scene, the man falls in love with a charming woman’s prose. The two embarked upon a love journey of astonishing philosophical depth.

As his hero’s journey was ending, the man fell in love one last time. The woman this time was one he had met before at his home, purely by chance. He would be her first love, much as his own was for him; both his first and last loves were good friends and bridesmaids of his best girl friend in high school.

This has been my love voyage. There is no telling just how love will be born or come to be, but we must follow it to the very end. Will you and I, both–forever and together?


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