Slippery for naught?

Mistakes are just baked into life. “It drains you of your tension”, he said. I paused.

Am I to stimulate that moral intuition? We are soft about sex; also so as we make a mockery of the English language! Masturbation isn’t salvation; no–not the right kind!

I was bound by the stories I knew. A dogma of positivity need not be toxic. Her divine intuition was sparkling…I confess to have grown weary: frustrated with the maybes. Hedonistic gods could have danced to them as I wept.

The past follows you around like a hairy limp. I wouldn’t have uttered a cliche, were I living a life of control! Lust can be my busy mistress: and work for good?

This post is an invitation to be positive. Match that softness! “Subjectivity really binds you”, he said. The nubster-chubster said it after a lifetime of eating my feelings.

That’s how fleeting things feel in her world. Crazy and moral: free, easy dialogue! Are Americans Anglo-something, after all…?

“Productivity must yield to enjoyment. I’m a busy man.” Central to your aesthetic should not be the heart of a lesser man–least not if you resent him for his weakness.

There’s a lot of life to learn! “If you let that guilt have its way with you”, he said, “bad things will happen.” Drama over drugs is one of the worst kinds. Drama over sex would come next.

Swiped my Switch! Being attracted to neutrality is what I hope to achieve for the Avegen of my imagination. Perfectly unattainable: also an Anglo-whatever?

A mind that big demands space. Still–don’t go so willingly! No–take a love sabbatical. Make sure not to break a woman’s care with that sensitivity to philosophy…

He slept early and woke up late, as though to avoid some monster out for full life-livers. My heart went into hiding. Conquer the material world to pave promising careers in retail! A string of hi’s can lead to a higher likelihood of othering: combat via an intricate recycling system…

The battle, surely, can help unleash the art historian! Having one’s heart’s in the search is vital…I am the master of soft touch!

Tango with my shadow, even though it needs to die a slow, metaphorical death. “Poor good”, he said as I succumbed to the moment. Faithful data collection led to the thought: Stereotypy is like a fire that we must extinguish!

I’m afraid I may had absorbed too much insanity. “This world is full of heartbreakers”, he didn’t say. “Live a life of softening!”

You can’t cover this one up with friendship. Certainly, the king of stupid ideas couldn’t pull it off?! A growing ideal–hurl it at the world: have it handed back, nice and damaged. The other is always enticing, yet simultaneously someone–nay, something–to be feared.

The name of a heartbreaker is being lost to the sands of a fragile mind being pushed by hope! Am I over humor: and if so, can I trust the social?

A rejoinder, as it were! Just looking for a world to save…. Empathy is a good guiding principle! Even at the end of your romantic rope, you may still test me for all of time.


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