2 thoughts on “Psychoetry

  1. Brian Wohlmuth

    Dear Mr. Suraj Sood
    I am the registered trademark owner of Pychoetry (Reg. No. 2,018,116/Registered Nov. 19, 1996)in respect of books, entertainment, and educational services. As the owner of this registered trademark, I have exclusive rights under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth).
    It has recently come to my attention that you are utilizing Pychoetry to help market your blog. You are infringing upon my rights by using my registered trademark in relation to goods
    and/or services of the same description as, or closely related to, the goods and/or services for which my mark is registered. Your conduct may also constitute passing off and/or misleading and deceptive conduct in breach of the trade Practices Act.
    To rectify this infringement of my rights, I require that you undertake :
    i) immediate steps to stop all use of the Infringing Mark in relation to Your Goods/Services;
    (OR) pay me an amount equivalent to the profits earned by you which are attributed to the use of the Infringing Mark; (OR) to enter into a commercial licence agreement with me for the use of my trademark.
    If I do not receive an adequate response within 21 days of this communication, I will take such
    action as I may be advised in order to protect my rights including, without limitation, legal action
    for injunctive relief or to recover damages without further notice to you.
    You are now on notice as to my rights in my trademark. I otherwise reserve all my rights and
    remedies against you.
    Thank you in advance for your resolution,
    Brian P. Wohlmuth
    Email: Anribw@yahoo.com



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