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Heartbreak is not a ‘me-break’:

For I am greater than my heart–

I am even more than my heart-mind…

Am I, then, my soul?

Most unambiguously; yes!

I am next my spirit,

Identified with body in the last place.

Eupsychian self-actualization

One of Maslow’s characteristics of self-actualizers is the continued freshness of appreciation.

How does this lead one to Eupsychia–Maslow’s idea of the psychologically healthy culture/society?

The more we appreciate life, the more we may start to notice the ways it nourishes our soul!

The maximally healthy collective consists of spirited individuals taking great care of their souls…

Psychological W’s and H

What we think is generated by the brain.

What we feel is in the heart!

What we do is by the body:

Who we are is our soul…

How we are is our spirit–

Why we are and do is gut-driven.